Maddy White
Maddy White - Yoga Instructor

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Private Classes


Private Yoga


A 60-minute, strong, flowing practice tailored to your level. Best for those who have been to at least 10 yoga classes before. Get ready to sweat! $100, $120 for 2+.


A 60-minute practice of Restorative Yoga. Using props, we’ll find positions where you are supported and able to truly relax and let go. $100, $120 for 2+.


A 60-minute practice that focuses more of gentle stretching and strengthening. Will include seated and reclining postures. Everything can be tailored to your level and body. Great for all levels, and recommended for beginners. $100, $120 for 2+.


Want to delve deeper into a particular area of yoga, or a particular pose? This 60-minute class will allow you to ask all your questions and help you on your way towards understanding both the the complexity and simplicity of yoga. $100.

Private Group Classes

Maddy has extensive experience teaching private group classes at condos and schools - please inquire for more information!

Corporate Yoga

Yoga at your workplace. Starts at $140.

** I would like my services and teachings to feel accessible, and thus operate all my fees within a sliding scale. Please reach out if you think you would benefit from a lower fee.


To book a private:

Please fill out the contact form located here and let Maddy know which option you’re interested in.